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        Welcome to YELUWOOD
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        Laminated veneer lumber/

        Laminated Veneer Lumber board

        Laminated Veneer Lumber board

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        100% larch pine F17 structural LVL frame for building

        structural Laminated veneer lumber


        Product Name:Laminated veneer lumber board Laminated veneer lumber board Laminated veneer lumber board
        Material: Larch Pine,Radiata Pine; etc.                 
        Size: 45×90/63×90/45x300mm or as your need.
        Glue:WBP glue.
        Veneer jointsOverlap and Butt Joint
        Moisture content: 12%
        Delivery time: In 20 days after T/T with 30% deposit or L/C at sight
        Package:a. in strong export sea-worthy pallets.   b. bulk in container, without pallets.

        construction grade wooden pine scaffolding  boards  

        MGP10 Australia pine structural LVL frame for F17 building formwork       

        H2s pine structural LVL beam  F17 formwork for Australia

        E14 E11 E13 F17 engineered LVL  AS4357 structural LVL lumber for beam   

        structural Laminated veneer lumber engineered wood

        structural Laminated veneer lumber engineered wood

        LVL scaffold planks phenolic glue construction use

        1.Material:larch pine,or Radiata Pine

        2.Glue:wbp (waterproof glue )


        4.Moisture content: under 12%


        6.Surface:sanding well

        7.Thickness tolerance:   +/- 0.5mm  

        LVB/LVL Features:

        * Flat, beautiful, Low moisture content, Without moldy effect;  * High design values for bending, stiffness and shear strength ; * Resists shrinking, warping, splitting and checking ;

        * Ordinary nail assembly – installs as easily as ordinary lumber;

        * High strength-to-weight ratio – more than 40 stronger than solid sawn products ;

        LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) is a kind of plywood which is made from Peeling or chipping veneers. After drying and gluing the veneers, we put all of them or most of them together transversely, then hot press them. If all of the veneers are put transversely, we call it LVL, but if some of them are longitudinal, we can call it LVB.




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